Short Bio

Marisa DeLuca (She/Her/Hers) is an Italian American oil painter from Oceanside, California. She deals with issues related to personal narrative, religion, gender issues, temporality, and wealth inequality in her paintings. Her work has been exhibited at the Adam Kamil Gallery in La Jolla, California and the Athenaeum Music and Arts Library in La Jolla, California. She is Cofounder of the nonprofit Artists in Solidarity and is a fourth-year Studio Art major at the University of California, San Diego where she was recently awarded the Triton Research & Experiential Learning Scholarship for her work on gentrification.


I am a contemporary oil painter from Oceanside, California. Working in oil and water media I test the effect of light and shadow on subject matter I find psychologically bright and dark at the same time. A variety of contrasting values, colors, and textures act as a catalyst toward a deeper understanding of my unconscious and the world I interact with. By exploring the symbolic visual language of my mind, I hope to connect and relate my experience to the viewer’s. I offer a representation of subtle silence to the viewer for contemplation. Dealing with issues of femininity and feminism, I see myself as a descendant of the feminist artists who came before me and in sisterhood with the contemporary feminists of today. I look to Kathe Kollwitz’s sense of responsibility for advocacy in using my vision as a voice for trauma and oppression. Using personal narrative and suffering as a springboard for my message I draw on my Catholic beliefs and surrealist themes at times to help to deliver my vision. I align with the philosophy of artists such as Faiya Fredman who believe in creating as we are moved and allowing the viewer to create their own interpretation of the work. My strong opinions about gentrification and wealth inequality, my experience as a woman, and my belief in spiritual terms coalesce to create work that is on a spectrum between calming and provocative.